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Maintenance is a plus point where beagles are concerned. I would consider them a “low-maintenance” breed in comparison to a lot of others. Their coats are short and weatherproof and are easily wiped down after a winter walk. Giving your dog a daily brush removes dead hairs, helps keep him looking smart and will result in less hair on your floors. I use a brush and a 2-sided glove and also drag the cerrated edge of thinning shears through their coats to assist the removal of dead hairs. When they do require a bath or a shower mine usually accept their lot, once I catch them. Use a rubber mat in the bath / shower to prevent your dog slipping. I usually clip nails about every 10-14 days. Frequency will depend on the surface where most of their exercise takes place.  I used to use a “guillotine” type nail clipper but found it too easy to occasionally cut into the quick of the nail which was distressful to my dogs and didn’t do much for my blood pressure! I recently started to use an electric grinder and find it quick and accurate and bleeding nails is no longer an issue.
I clean my dogs’ teeth weekly and wouldn’t recommend doing this any less frequently. Suitable doggie toothpaste and brushes can be purchased at most pet shops.
I clean ears usually at the same time I do their nails with either a proprietary ear wash and cotton balls or wet wipes. For some strange reason mine generally have one clean ear and one dirty ! As with humans - don’t poke about deep inside a dog’s ear.