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SBC Champ Show 2009


                                                   Sunday 21st June 2009     Entry - 171dogs

                                                   JUDGE - Mrs Marion Hunt (Bondlea)

Main Awards

       Best In Show & B.C.C.         CH & IR CH SERENAKER DEVIL WOMAN            
       Reserve B.I.S. & R.B.C.C.    CH. NEWLIN UNA OF LOWYCK
     Dog C.C.                                 SUPER CAPRICORN OF LAURINS EMPIRE AT STORMPASTURE
     Reserve D.C.C.                       CH BAYARD GRAFTER
       B.P.I.S.                                    VALSACRE ECHO
  B.V.I.S.                                    CH. BEDEWAY ARTFUL
Breeder’s Class                      RODERICK’S BARTERHOUND

Veteran Dog

1. Conway’s
Ch Bedeway Artful

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Gildert’s
Callidoniane Thundershow

Puppy Dog

1. Lewis’
Fallowfield Royal Rupert

Junior Dog

1. Sutton’s
Rossut Fluster

Novice Dog

1. Hales’
Arpege Out And Out

Graduate Dog

1. Kingsland’s
Semeru Gadabout to Redcap

Post Graduate Dog

1. Linden’s
Bruadair Buadhmhor ShCM

Limit Dog

1. Foster & Jones’
Super Capricorn Of Laurins Empire at Stormpasture

Open Dog

1. Jackson’s
Ch Bayard Grafter

2. Arden’s
Ch Madika Nut Case

2. Calikes’
Newlin Bailiff

2. Lewis,
Fallowfield Doodle Bug

2. Hales’
Arpege Outlaw

2. Miller’s
Millmar Secret Agent

2. Goldberg’s
Molesend Adrift

2. Davies’
Barrvale Jack The Lad

2. Davies’
Barrvale Enchanter

3. Davies’
Seevad High Lite

Res. Brown & Todd’s
Rocamar Silent Witness for Ramsayville

3. Gildert’s
Callidoniane Thundershow

Res. Hales’
Arpege Out And Out

VHC May’s
Janfrey Barton

3. Kingsland’s
Redcap Englishman JW

Res. Findlay’s
Rhiconich Chico

VHC Watson’s
Newlin Anchor Chief

3. McCourtney’s
Newlin Anchor Man

Res. Watson’s
Newlin Anchor Chief

3. Bennett’s
Newlin Skipper

3. Robert’s
Riversong Genesis at Borerst

Res. Miller’s
Millmar Secret Agent

VHC Bennett’s
Newlin Walnut

3. Jones & Jepson’s
Eardley Early Learner

Res. Hawley’s
Bennae Usher

VHC Bailey’s
Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM

3. Sutton’s
Rossut Sorcerer

Res. Brown & Todd’s
Bayard Garrick of Ramsayville

VHC Chetcuti & Cartright’s
Barrvale Excalibar

 Dog CC Winner                 Reserve Dog CC Winner                    Best Puppy Dog

 Best Junior Handler Morven MacDonald with Runner up Lewis Fraser and Judge Lorna Binks

Veteran Bitch

1. Davies’
Ch Seevad High Fashion ShCM

2. Lewis’
Ch Fallowfield Delilah

3. Warner’s
Ir Ch Valsacre Troika to Awreridge JW ShCM

Res. Dean’s
Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower

VHC Goldberg’s
Molesend Mitzi

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Hargrave’s
Valsacre Echo

Puppy Bitch

Tannahill Miss Sunshine at Nosirrom

Junior Bitch

1.Parker & Stevens’
Serenaker Hey Jude

Novice Bitch

1. Hargrave’s
Valsacre Echo

2. Jackson’s
Bayard Better By Design

2. Hall’s
Cliffmere Pepper

2. Arden’s
Barterhound Rosebud at Madika

2. Roderick’s
Barterhound Razzle

3. Heuy’s
Stormpasture Full Page at Lismoyle

Res. Bell’s
Riversong Psyche

VHC Findlay’s
Rhiconich Glenda

3. Roderick’s
Barterhound Razzle

Res. Findlay’s
Rhiconich Frida

VHC Fraser’s
Davricard Buddleia for Wyvisview

3. Vaughan’s
Redcap Out Of The Ashes to
Kelseva JW

Res. Hall’s
Cliffmere Nettle

VHC Morgan’s
Brydea Bojangle

3. Heuy’s
Stormpasture Full Page at Lismoyle

Res. Carmichaels
Cliffmere Nimble at Kernebridge

VHC Hill’s
Dapperdawg Heart Of Kaos

Graduate Bitch

1. Arden’s
Barterhound Rosebud at Madika

2. Goldberg’s Molesend Butterfly

3. Dean’s
Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW

Res. Foster & Jones’
Dufosee Ishka

VHC Conway
Barterhound Begonia at Bedeway

Post Grad Bitch

1. Arden’s
Barterhound Rosebud at Madika

Limit Bitch

1st Findlay’s
Rhiconich Sherbet

Open Bitch

1. Parker & Stevens’
Ch & Ir Ch Serenaker Devil Woman

2. Hawley’s
Bennae Willow

2. Bartholomew &   Jackson’s
Fullcry Popcorn

2. Lomax’s
Newlin Una of Lowyck

3. Davies’
Barrvale Jazz

Res. Morgan’s
Brydea Bittersweet

VHC Bink’s
Tannahill Pepper

3. May’s
Janfrey Quilly

Res. Jones & Jepson’s
Eardley Early Opening

VHC Foster & Theobald’s
Emzibobs Honeybun at Stormpasture

3. Davies’
Ch Barrvale Gale

Res. Woodcock’s
Rossgay Rouska at Roddwood JW

VHC Sutton’s
Rossut Varnish

Breeder’s Class

1. Roderick’s
Barterhound Beagles

     Bitch CC Winner             Reserve Bitch CC Winner               Best Puppy Bitch

 Best In Show            Reserve Best In Show       Best Opposite Sex    Best Puppy In Show       Best Veteran In Show

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