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SBC Champ Show 2008


                               Saturday 5th April 2008     Entry - 147dogs

                                 JUDGE - Mr Andrew Brace (Tragband)

Main Awards

       Best In Show & B.C.C.         CH. BAYARD GAIETY
       Reserve B.I.S. & D.C.C.        CH. JANFREY MORGAN
     Reserve D.C.C.                       EMORLAN QUIZZICAL
       R.B.C.C                                   TATOOINE PRINCESS LEIA AT DONAY
B.P.I.S.                                    FALLOWFIELD DARLENE
  B.V.I.S.                                    CH. DONAY KAPPA

Veteran Dog

1. Hill’s
Ch Donay Kappa

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Jones & Jepson’s
Eardley Early Learner

Puppy Dog

1. Armstrong’s
Davricard Hero

Junior Dog

1. Howell’s
Emorlen Quizzical

Novice Dog

1. Edge’s
Bayard Traveller to Jalhar

2. Arden’s
Ch Madika Nut Case

2. Havard’s
Annavah Byron

2. Goldberg & the late Nicholson’s
Molesend Adrift

2. Burrow’s
Shercroft Pioneer

2. Petrusow & Gildert’s
Callidoniane Emerald

3. Ravell’s
Longdalefarm Archie

3. Edge’s
Bayard Traveller to Jalhar

Res. Petrusow & Gildert’s
Callidoniane Emerald

VHC. Ravell’s
Longdalefarm Archie

3. Ravell’s
Longdalefarm Archie

Res. Pocklington Hall’s
Bayard Hotshot

VHC. Bennett’s
Newlin Walnut

Graduate Dog

1. Jones & Jepson’s
Eardley Ever Ready

2. Close’s
Sparrowgill Statesman

3. Walker’s
Molesend Magician at Barughgreen

Res. Clark’s
Springholme Striker

VHC. Clacher’s
Misken Armani

Post Graduate Dog

1. Cuthill’s
Serenaker Trial By Magic

2. MacDonald’s
Fallowfield Duce of Finmorlan

3. Bailey & Jetten’s
Newlin Victor of Salenko JW

Res. Fraser’s
Misken Lewis at Wyvisview

VHC. Matthew’s
Newlin Rollo at Carvaha

Limit Dog

1. Sutton’s
Rossut Sorcerer

2. Hills
Tatoonie Obi Wan at Donay JW

3. Purves’
Craigmount Saturn ShCM

Res. Linden’s
Bruadair Bhuadhmor ShCM

VHC. MacDonald’s
Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW ShCM

Open Dog

1. May’s
Ch Janfrey Morgan

2. Close’s
Ch Sparrowgill Strider

3. Brown & Todd’s
Bayard Garrick of Ramsayville

Res. May’s
Ch Janfrey Chadwick

VHC. Lewis’
Fallowfield Bartholomew

Veteran Bitch

1. Dean’s
Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower

2. Roderick’s
Barterhound Tilda JW

3. Hall’s
Excitat Jessica of Barterhound

Res. Arden’s
Newlin Almond at Madika

VHC. Clacher’s
Belsmard Treble Kiss at Misken

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Lewis’
Fallowfield Darlene

Puppy Bitch

1. Havard’s
Annavah Gypsy

Junior Bitch

1. Binks’
Norcis Lucky Charm

2. Jones & Jepson’s
Eardley Early Opening

2. Hall’s
Carvaha Monopoly at Covenant

2. Hall’s
Carvaha Monopoly at Covenant

3. Davies 7 Foster’s
Stormpasture Eidelweiss

Res. Havard’s
Annavah Blissful

VHC. Bartholomew’s
Fullcry Popcorn

3. Findlay’s
Rhiconich Sherbet

Res. Brown’s
Raimex Bussell

VHC. Sutton’s
Rossut Calico

3. Sutton’s
Rossut Varnish

Res. Hunt & Norris’
Shercroft Portrait

VHC. Morgan’s
Brydea Bittersweet

Novice Bitch

1. Hall’s
Carvaha Monopoly at Covenant

2. Brown’s
Raimex Bussell

3. Deans’
Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni

Res. Linden’s
Bruadair Eiridinn

VHC. Goldberg & the late Nicholson’s
Molesend Aqua

Graduate Bitch

1. Morgan’s
Brydea Bliss

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Calikes & Bradley’s
Newlin Ruby

2. Linden’s
Bruadair Dealaidh JW

2. Brown’s
Raimex Duster

3. Hunt & Norris’
Shercroft Portrait

Res. Brown’s
Hayapark Amber at Raimex

VHC. Peach’s
Barrvale Folly

3. Lewis’
Fallowfield Diva

Res. Doran & Paton’s
Craigmount Tempting Fate

VHC. Bulmer’s
Honey Dew at Aerie

Limit Bitch

1. Hill’s
Tatooine Princess Leia at Donay

2. Edge’s
All The Way To Vigor

3. Burrows’
Summer Lily

Res. Arden’s
Rocamar Smiles at Madika ShCM

VHC. Simken’s
Simeldika Madliena Girl

Open Bitch

1. Jackson’s
Ch Bayard Gaiety

2. Sutton’s
Ch Rossut Organdie

3. Roderick’s
Barterhound Whisper JW

Res. Hunt & Norris’
Valsacre Concerto at Shercroft JW ShCM

VHC. Pocklington Hall’s
Macall New Sensation

     Dog CC Winner & RBIS           Reserve Dog CC Winner
         Ch Janfrey Morgan                          Emorlen Quizzical

           Best Puppy Dog                        Best Puppy Bitch & BPIS
           Davricard Hero                              Fallowfield Darlene

Bitch CC Winner & BIS                  Reserve Bitch CC Winner
   Ch Bayard Gaiety                       Tatooine Princess Leia at Donay

                         Best Veteran In Show               
                             Ch Donay Kappa

Best Junior Handler for the 6-11 years class was Shannon Goldberg (left) while Becki Westgarth won the 12-16 years class. Shannon pipped her friend Becki (right) to win Best Junior Handler.