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SBC Champ Show 2007


                               Saturday 8th April 2007     Entry - 139dogs

                                 JUDGE - Mr Jim Woodcock (Roddwood)

Main Awards

       Best In Show & D.C.C.         CH. NEDLAW SALAMANDER
       Reserve B.I.S. & B.C.C.        CH. BAYARD GADGET
     Reserve D.C.C.                       VIXARDEN ADONIS AT STORMPASTURE
       R.B.C.C                                   GLADSTYLE HONEY TRAP
B.P.I.S.                                    SERENAKER TRIAL BY MAGIC
  B.V.I.S.                                    CH. MADIKA NUT CASE

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the picture. All 1st and 2nd place pictures have been cropped. If you would like the full picture  e-mailed to you please contact the webmaster.

Veteran Dog                                                                                                
1. Arden’s Ch. Madika Nut Case
2. Davies’ Seevad High Lite    
3. Hargrave’s Ir.Ch. Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea JW
4. Havard’s Ch. Annavah Politician
5. Ambridge’s Deer Hunterhound

Minor Puppy Dog
1. Cuthill’s Serenaker Trial By Magic
2. Powell’s Hayapark Ambrose

Puppy Dog
1. Peak’s Bayard Dandyman
2. Walker’s Molesend Magician at Barughgreen
3. Havard’s Annavah Barbarian
4. Fraser’s Misken Lewis at Wyvisview
5. Weir & Kelly’s Ardvreck Caerlaverock

Junior Dog
1. Bailey and Jettan’s Kyledam Cedar Douglas from Salenko
2. Havard’s Annavah Artist
3. Walker’s Molesend Magician at Barughgreen
4. Lewis’ Fallowfield Bartholomew
5. Clacher’s Misken Armani

Novice Dog
1. Clacher’s Misken Armani
2. Bennett’s Newlin Skipper
3. Lawson’s Misken Rhum at Winthank

Graduate Dog
1. Bailey and Jettan’s Kyledam Cedar Douglas from Salenko
2. MacDonald’s Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW
3. Bennet’s Newlin Skipper
4. Hill’s Bruadair Aghmhor

Post Graduate Dog
1. Foster & Jones’ Vixarden Adonis at Stormpasture
2. Phillips’ Lanesend Nedlaw Admiral JW
3. Findlay’s Rhiconich Horus
4. Walker’s Molesend Dolerite over Barughgreen
5. Linden’s Bruadair Buadhmhor

Limit Dog
1. Hunt’s Bondlea Bradman JW  ShCM
2. Calikes and Bradley’s Newlin Sailor
3. Penman’s Nedlaw Pioneer
4. Finch’s Inschwood Harlequin
5. Linden’s Macall Highlander at Bruadair ShCM

Open Dog
1. Walden’s Ch. Nedlaw Salamander
2. Walden’s Ch. Nedlaw Barbarian
3. Peak’s Ch. Dialynne Ryans Gold at Bayard
4. Conway’s Ch. Bedeway Artful JW
5. Havard’s Annavah Taurus


Junior Handling
6-11 years ;
1st Morven MacDonald with Fusion
2nd Shannon Goldberg with Fortune
3rd Lewis Fraser with Oscar

12-16 years
1st and Best Junior Handler
Lauren Finch
with Phoebe



Veteran Bitch
1. Havard’s Ch. Annavah Gretel
2. Norris’ Moon Dancer of Sirron
3. Haddy’s Rivenlea Pastel
4. Arden’s Newlin Almond at Madika
5. Davies’ Ch. Seevad High Fashion ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Hargrave’s Valsacre Chamois
2. Walker’s SabinhayPhiligree at Barughgreen
3. Powell’s Hayapark Aster
4. Finch’s Inschwood Cameo
5. Goldberg & Nicholson’s Sabinhay Phortune

Puppy Bitch
1. Paton & Doran’s Craigmount Tempting Fate
2. Ambridge’s Cliffmere Iris
3. Paton & Doran’s Craigmount Time Will Tell
4. Morgan’s Davricard Great at Brydea
5. Linden’s Bruadair Cno-Mheannt

Junior Bitch
1. Brown’s Raimex Duster
2. Warner’s Awreridge Okra
3. Lomax’s Newlin Una of Lowyck
4. Craig’s Davricard Glitter
5. Paton & Doran’s Craigmount Tempting Fate

Novice Bitch
1. Finch’s Inschwood Cameo
2. Linden’s Bruadair Dealaidh
3. Findlay’s Norcis Modern Millie
4. Ambridge’s Cliffmere Iris
5. Finch’s Inschwood Liberty

Graduate Bitch
1. McKnight’s Gladstyle Honey Trap
2. Warner’s Awreridge Okra
3. Clegg’s Vixarden Aphrodite JW
4. Clacher’s Misken Querida JW
5. Deans’ Gempeni Snowdrop

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Brown’s Raimex Maisie
2. Craig’s Davricard Roulette
3. Burrows’ Summer Lily
4. Goldberg & Nicholson’s Molesend Mitzi
5. Butters & Theobald’s Orchidvale Blossom of Breskar

Limit Bitch
1. Roderick’s Barterhound Whisper JW
2. Walden’s Nedlaw Birdsong
3. Haddy’s Rivenlea Moonbeam
4. Foster & Jones’ Stormpasture Annabelle
5. Hargrave’s Valsacre Chit Chat

Open Bitch
1. Jackson’s Ch. Bayard Gadget
2. Roderick’s Barterhound Willow
3. Brown’s Raimex Dunnock JW
4. Warner’s Valsacre Troika to Awreridge
5. Conway’s Bedeway Almond