Belsmard Treble Kiss at Misken - Gucci

Not saying something about losing my beautiful old girl hasn’t been sitting right. I didn’t write anything for her “sister” Buffy or daughter Jenni. Although they were equally loved Gucci was a special girl in so many ways.

I worked out she was by my side for 35% of my life, she is mother, grandmother or great grandmother to my 6 remaining beagles and was my first show dog. She taught me about the show ring. She moved beautifully on a loose lead at a perfect pace to show her wonderful movement. Gucci won her fair share of Champ show classes and Best of Breeds around the Open shows. Whenever I think of “campaigning” Gucci as a youngster, however, I will always think of us sharing hotel rooms together where she would protest being in her cage while I was in a bed. I ended up taking the cage to the room for show only as she ended up on - or more often in - the bed with me.

She was never a licky, kissy, exciteable pooch but she showed her love in other ways. Whenever I left a room she stared intently at the door until I returned to be greeted by the couch being thwacked by her energetic tail. In later years, with sight not as good as it once was, she would follow to whichever door I was going. If it was an area she wasn’t allowed in she would lie down behind the door until I returned. It breaks my heart to think that she wouldn’t have me leave her in the last few hours as she tried to follow me if I moved away from her. Needless to say, I stayed with her, telling her how much I loved her until the vet arrived.

She was the most stoic dog imaginable and her temperament was impeccable. Apart from pawing a cage in protest in hotel rooms many moons ago I can’t remember her whining or complaining, not even at the end.

The house seems strangely very empty without her and while I can’t quite believe she’s gone I will be eternally grateful to have enjoyed and reciprocated her love and devotion for 15 healthy years.

Rest in peace you beautiful old girl, and thank you for everything xxx