Dapperdawg Gallery


Can I come up

Darci and Fudge

Darci and Monty

Darci at 5 months

Darci girl

Darci meets Hartley and Mori

Darci v's the remote


Do you think this'll fit in the car

Frog Dogs

Fudge - BPIS

Fudge - Can  I get up there

Fudge 12weeks

Fudge about to take off

Fudge and Chief

Fudge and Meg

Fudge at 6 weeks

Fudge at her first show

Fudge at the Wallace Monument


Hartley and Mori 2004

Hartley and Mori

Hartley, Mori and Scrimmage


Lilly Black

Lilly at 6 months

Meg looking very like Darci

Monty's table practice


Mori - It's MY blanket

Mori at 8 months

Mori at 8 weeks

Mori's trampoline

Mum and daughter

Pile on!

Piper & Baillie

Poppy Adams and Fudge

Puppy massage

Regal Beagle



The Monty Makeover

The gorgeous Lilly

Time for a rest

Trampoline wrestling

Walks in the snow

You looking at me

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