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 *******DECEMBER *******

December has started just like November - with a very happy Scottish exhibitor! Rachel Cuthill’s trek to LKA under Colin Lomax proved fruitful as Vinnie’s 3rd CC win earns him the title of Champion. Ch Serenaker Trial By Magic is 5 years old and was bred by Serena Parker and Graham Stevens (Am Ch Wilkeep Co’s Hocus Pocus at Fallowfield x S. Freya). His other CCs were won in consecutive years (2010/11) at SKC.
Rachel also had success at LKA with her new puppy Serenaker Othello, co-owned with and bred by Serena & Graham. Dyson was Best Puppy Dog after winning the MPD class. This follows on from his MPD class and Pro Plan Puppy Dog Stakes wins at Midland Counties.

 *******NOVEMBER *******

Scotland has a new Champion as Fiona Kelly and Stewart Brannan’s Ardvreck Caerlaverock von Dapperdawg ShCM has won his 3rd CC at 5 years of age.
His “crown” was gained at the same venue as his first just a year ago under Pat Sutton - West Mercia Beagle Club, this time under judge Brian Dyson. His second CC came in June at 3 Counties under Darren Fellows. “Monty” was bred by Nigel Blackstock (Bruadair Buadhmhor ShCM x Rosanka Gabor) and is 5 years old.

 *******OCTOBER *******

Congratulations to Chris Hartland whose photograph of Sabinhay Fairmaid exploring the Yorkshire Dales won “Best In Show” and “Best Foreign Entry” at the National Beagle Club of America’s 2011 Photographic Competition.
All winning photos are framed and auctioned after the society’s show with proceeds benefiting the USA’s equivalent of Beagle Welfare.
Chris can now be proud to say she is helping Beagles on both sides of “the pond”!

Some at our Open show in Falkirk 2002 may remember a tiny puppy being admired at the front door for a few minutes before being whisked back into the car by Jan Bell. Sadly Copper - Annavah Gallant at Cachalot - has had to be put to sleep due to a heart condition at 9 years of age.
Copper is pictured here in Jan’s garden, July 2007.

Congratulations to Fiona Findlay who won the Reserve Dog CC at Driffield with her 20 month old Rhiconich Kyle (Ch Fallowfield Bartholomew x Rhiconich Cait) under Denise Ashmore.

 *******SEPTEMBER *******

Sad news from Susan Arden who lost her 13 year old Champion Madika Nut Case on September 28th.
Miles had a very successful career both in Obedience and in the Show ring. In 2004 at Four Counties he won his 3rd CC to become Susan’s first Champion.
Even after “retirement” Miles continued his winning ways in the Veteran classes. He won another Green Star in Ireland just two years ago, only one short of the  7 required to become an Irish Champion.
As an accomplished photographer there is no shortage of wonderful memories for Susan. These three show Miles at work (winning the Pedigree Stakes at SKC 2006), rest (showing his gentle nature with Lulu the rat) and playing in the snow near his Huddersfield home.

Hazel Deans has had a successful September with both her girls doing well at Breed shows. At Four Counties Open show Flora - Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM - was Reserve Best in Show while Poppy - Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower - was Best Veteran in Show.
At the Welsh Beagle Club Champ show Poppy won Veteran bitch while Flora won the Bitch RCC, the 3rd from her last four shows  and her 6th overall.

 *******AUGUST *******

A good SKC for two Newlin dogs. Daggi Kocur’s Ger Ch Newlin Breeze (pictured right winning Open Bitch) was Best of Breed under Tim Jones while Luisa Fallon and Gregor Watson’s Newlin Anchor Chief (pictured left with his prizes) moves up to Grade 6 after winning the combined 4-5 Grade Agility on Saturday.

Congratulations to the Brown family and David Todd as their Garry becomes Scotland’s latest Champion after his 3rd CC was won at Paignton under Val Davies.
Ch Bayard Garrick of Ramsayville was bred by Jill Peak from Bayard Gambler x Bayard Anna and will be 6 years old in October.
Garry must like the air down at Paignton as he won the Group there in 2008. His other CC was won at Southern Counties in 2009.
Congratulations also to Hazel Deans’ whose Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM won the Reserve Bitch CC at Paignton.


Another dog, another title - Luisa Fallon & Gregor Watson’s Newlin Anchor Chief AW(B) can now add the letters ShCM as his Best of Breed at East of Scotland on the last day of the month secured his Show Certificate of Merit.

There are now two more Scottish dogs entitled to the letters JW after their names. Liz Calikes’ Newlin Flint (left) secured the necessary points at 14 months of age with his Junior Class win at Border Union last month.
Jim and Debbie Linden’s Bruadair Lag-An-Rata, also at 14 months, racked up the 25th point at Highland CA on July 30th where Lagan was also awarded his 4th Group win this year.

Hazel Deans’ Ch&Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower continues to acquit herself well at Club shows by winning Best Special Vintage in Show and Best Veteran in Show at the Beagle Association’s Championship show under Bitches Judge Nikki Firth.
The only other class win from Scottish beagles was Liz Calikes’ Newlin Flint (left) who won Graduate Dog under Pat Huey.

Congratulations to Luisa Fallon, and Gregor Watson whose Newlin Anchor Chief can now add the letters AW(B) after his name. This is the Agility Warrant (Bronze) award which is earned by attaining 200 points through running clear rounds, or being placed after a clear round, within course times at certain K.C. sanctioned shows - no mean feat!

It was a good weekend for Jim and Debbie Linden’s Bruadair Lag-An-Rata whose BOB at Greenock on July 9th secured his ShCM award at the tender age of 15 months.
The following day at Hound Assoc. Scotland’s Limit show he won BOB and was also Reserve Best in Show.


Congratulations to Lynne Bailey who has made up her first Champion by winning the Dog CC and Best of Breed under Marina Walker at Border Union with Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM.
Shay was bred by Liz Calikes and the late David Bradley by Ch Newlin Sailor x Newlin Ruby, is 4 ˝ years old and has also won 4 RCCs.

Scotland now has three dogs on two “tickets” as Fiona Kelly and Stewart Brannan’s Ardvreck Caerlaverock von Dapperdawg ShCM won the Dog CC under Darren Fellows at Three Counties on June 8th.
Monty was then given the nod over the bitch winner Dialynne Eva Peron to claim Best of Breed.
Monty was photographed right at Hound Assoc. of Scotland last month by his breeder Nigel Blackstock.


We now have an OAP “border raider” plundering Scottish shows and making off with the prizes!
In all seriousness hearty congratulations to Chris  & Mike Hartland and 9˝ yr old Sabinhay Fairmaid who has to be the oldest Best of Breed for many a year in Scotland following her win at Banff, Moray & Nairn on May 28th. Fairmaid then topped this off by taking 4th place in the Hound Group.   

A good SKC for home bred beagles, particularly the dogs where all but the two puppy classes were claimed by the “locals.” Rachel Cuthill repeated her winning feat of last year to claim Serenaker Trial By Magic’s 2nd CC.
Competition in the bitches was always going to be harder but Ger Ch Newlin Breeze JW (pictured below, left) won Open and the RBCC.
Once again up against Serena Parker for BOB, Vinnie (pictured opposite at Dundee last year) lost out this time to Serenaker Hey Jude
Click here for full results.

The number of Scottish born beagles gaining their title abroad has increased by two over the last year.
Following on from Newlin Breeze JW (left) becoming a German Champion last year, Bruadair Gaoloch (right) has just become a Polish Champion at 29 months of age.

Luisa Fallon and Gregor Watson’s Newlin Anchor Chief had a 3rd birthday to remember on May 8th at a charity”Doggy Day Out” at Strathclyde Park.
First he passed his K.C. Bronze Good Citizen (with ducks being herded in the adjacent ring a beagle probably earned a Gold right there and then!)
Chief, pictured opposite with his spoils, then had 2 clear rounds in the Agility competition and rounded off a fine day by winning the dog show’s Sporting Dog Class.

The only exhibitor from Scotland to make the long journey to Devon, Cornwall & South West B.C. Champ Show, Hazel Deans was rewarded by winning Veteran Bitch for a remarkable 7th consecutive year - surely a record?
“Poppy” is pictured opposite in the Bitch Challenge under Judge Joan Lennard.

Two Best of Breeds, two different months, two different countries, same weekend. These are the stats for Jim & Debbie Linden’s Bruadair Lag-An-Rata who made the relatively short trip along the M8 for the first win on Saturday April 30th at Clackmannanshire under Paul McFarlane. Then a longer trip across the border on May 1st to attend Border Counties Hound Club under Colin Gillanders and scoop the 2nd BOB. “Lagan” was then awarded RBIS under Frieda Marshall.


A good day at the Beagle Club of Northern Ireland on April 16th for Liz Calikes under judge Pat Clayton. Ger Ch Newlin Breeze JW (owned by Daggi Kocur) won the Bitch CC and RBIS while Liz’s youngster Newlin Flint also won 2 classes. Christine Lewis won the Dog CC and RCC with  Fallowfield Barney (Best in Show) and Am Ch Barristers Yankee Doodle Dandy at Fallowfield respectively. As well as taking the RBCC with Serenaker Hey Jude, Serena Parker scored a “puppy double”with Charmagic Genius at Serenaker BPD and Serenaker Memphis Belle BPB and BPIS. BVD was Susan Arden’s Ch Madika Nut Case and BVB and BVIS (for the 3rd consecutive year) Hazel Deans’ Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower
photo courtesy of Dee Starbrook

At our AGM it was announced that the winner of both the Craigmount Trophy and Scottish Beagle of the Year for 2010 was Hazel Deans’ Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM

Members should be aware of a mandatory change to our Constitution by the Kennel Club.
Clause 2 of the General Code of Ethics now reads as follows ;
(Club Members) Will agree, without reservation, that any veterinary surgeon performing an operation on any of their dogs, which alters the natural conformation of the animal, or who carries out a caesarean section on a bitch, may report such operation to the Kennel Club.

A good day was enjoyed at Ross & Cromarty by Erica Matthews. Giggling Gossip at Carvaha won AVHP and was BPIB, Carvaha Solitaire won Beagle Open and Redcap Moonlight Serenade at Carvaha (pictured opposite) won the Post Grad class, Group 1 and was Reserve Best in Show.

Lynne Zabek had an unusual day at work recently when Purina were on the lookout for “real vet Nurses” with dogs who eat their product. The dog in question is Ruby (Bruadair Gaoilein) and her photo shoot at the Braidhills surgery in Edinburgh can be seen here.

Congratulations to Christine Lewis whose Fallowfield Royal Rupert won the Dog CC and Best of Breed at Scotland’s first Champ Show of the year, Hound Association of Scotland, under Judge Robin Sadler.


March News items start where February finished - with Newlin Anchor Chief achieving further Agility success. His win at Gleniffer AC show means he has “won out” of Grade 4 and will now compete in Grade 5.
A proud Luisa has sent
this link to see Chief in action at Gleniffer.


Luisa Fallon and Gregor Watson’s Chief has been impressing with his agility career again. At the Scottish Junior Dog Club’s Fun Show on Feb.26th he won the Grade 1-4 Jumping class and was only pipped into 2nd place in the Grade 1-4 Agility class by 0.6 of a second.
Not to be outdone by the young pretender, old stager Cosmo won 3 out of his 4 classes. Both are pictured here with their awards from the day.

The winner’s column in the Results page has been widened to accomodate Fiona Kelly and Stewart Brannan’s Monty.
Ardvreck Caerlaverock von Dapperdawg has had his Show Certificate of Merit award ratified by the Kennel Club. His fine run of form culminated in the final point required won at Rutherglen on February 12th.

A youngster making a splash early in the year is Debbie and Jim Linden’s Bruadair Lag-An-Rata (B. Bhuadhmor x B. Dealaidh).
At 10 months of age Lagan has won the last two breed classes, at Irvine and Lanarkshire, and also won the Hound Puppy group on both occasions.
To end the month on a high at Catrine on Feb. 27th he was Reserve Best Puppy in Show.


A cautionary tale from Chris Hartland regarding the possible perils of dog walking. Husband Mike and their veteran girl Sabinhay Fairmaid spent Christmas day at the emergency vets after being attacked and bitten by a Great Dane (which, it was later confirmed, has a history of behavioural problems.). Christine relates that “Fairmaid was traumatised and had puncture wounds to both her front legs and shoulders and was on painkillers and antibiotics.”
Fairmaid is recovering and had Mike’s daughter’s beagle (Newlin Elmer) stayed over for a fortnight to take her mind off things and help build her confidence. Both beagles are pictured opposite.
The irony is that this happened in the home village of the beagle famous for sending in photos of her explorations from Dorset to North West Scotland!
We wish Fairmaid, Chris & Mike a full recovery from their ordeal.

Fiona Findlay was well rewarded for making the trip to Aberdeen with 5 beagles for the Bon Accord Show on Jan.15th. Rhiconich Kyle won the Graduate class and BOB under Michelle Kingsland then Best Puppy in Group under Marion Hunt. With Bon Accord being a Premier show this makes Kyle Scotland’s first qualifier for Cruft’s 2012.
His sister R.Kelly was second, R.Glenda won Post Grad and R.Chico was 2nd in Open. R.Lucy was 2nd in AV Hound Puppy making it a very good day for the Rhiconich Kennels.

Congratulations to Sam Goldberg whose Newlin Chalice at Molesend JW won Reserve Hound of the Year 2010 for the Tyne Wear and Tees Hound of the Year competition.
Bred by Liz Calikes (Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM x Ch Newlin Kelsey JW) Chalice, who will be 2 years old in April, also has 2 Reserve CCs to her name.
She is very much keeping things in the family as her sire, Lynn Bailey’s Seamus, won the competition last year.
Sam and Chalice are pictured at the event on January 8th.

A busy and successful start to the year for Luisa Fallon and Gregor Watson’s Newlin Anchor Chief.
At St. Andrews, Cupar & District Limited Show on Jan. 8th Chief was Best of Breed and Group 4.
The following day it was a trip further north to Dundee AATC for an agility competition where the talented tan and white won the Grade 4 and 5 jumping. Go Chiefy!!