Rocamar A Kind Of Hush
(M) 15 Jun 2002,    [Breeding]   [Sibling]   [Link]

UK CH Perseverance Of Bayard
12 Dec 1993
UK CH Bayard Zachariah
10 Jul 1985
0437BQ Tricolour
Am UK CH Pin Oak's Dynasty Of Appeline
03 Sep 1981
Am CH Pin Oak's Ruffles N' Ridges
16 Dec 1978 HC598983
Am CH Pin Oak's Kinderkai Sundae
UK CH Bayard Zither
11 Dec 1979
1394BP Tricolour
UK CH Dufosee Zenith
07 Jun 1978 0614BP Tricolour
UK CH Bayard Olga
01 Jan 1972 2328BH Tricolour
UK CH Dufosee Love Bird
28 Aug 1990
UK CH Dufosee Vindicator
23 Apr 1987
3845BX Tricolour
UK CH Dufosee Zenith
07 Jun 1978 0614BP Tricolour
Tragband In Favour At Dufosee
18 Sep 1985 K5737105K12 Tricolour
UK CH Dufosee Kirsty
19 Nov 1982
4160BR Tan/White
UK CH Dufosee Clyde
11 Nov 1972 1909BI Tricolour
Dufosee Topaz
15 Apr 1977 B3654801C07
Newlin Sweet Gabriella
28 Jun 1998
UK CH Newlin Yorker
07 Jun 1994
4348CF Tan/White
UK CH Bondlea Poet
19 Apr 1985
2303BV Tan/White
Beacott Bellman
26 Jan 1980 2376BQ Tricolour
Chasedene Carmen Of Bondlea
17 Jan 1983 1044BT
Newlin Nonsense
13 Jul 1990
UK CH Rivenlea Gangster
11 Oct 1987 1796BX Tricolour
UK CH Newlin Opium
17 Sep 1983 4582BU Tricolour
Newlin Angel
28 Aug 1995
UK CH Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband
26 Jan 1994
3545CE Tricolour
UK CH Soloman Of Dialynne
19 Mar 1983 0144BT Tricolour
Tragband Sweet Bird Of Youth
09 Sep 1988 5283BY Tricolour
UK CH Newlin Upsadaisy
13 Apr 1993
UK CH Newlin Gempeni Truant
15 Mar 1990
Madika Talkback To Newlin
16 Feb 1988 Tricolour
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